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Publication of a security patch 4.6.14 - 16/02/2011 @ 10:29 by Papinou

Publication of a security patch 4.6.14 in the following versions :

  • - N.C. (non cumulative to apply on the 4.6.13a version of GuppY)
  • - C. (Cumulative to apply on all versions since the 4.6.0 of GuppY)
  • - A complete pack, 4.6.14 for the creation of new website with GuppY
  • - A MiniGuppY pack, version 4.6.14 to replace the MiniGuppY 4.6.13a (Upcoming)
  • - An EasyGuppY 4.6.14 to replace the EasyGuppY pack 4.6.13a (Upcoming)

This update must be applied immediately for security reasons.

Some plugins may be affected and if so, ask their authors.

Modifications for the versions 4.6.14 :

  • Copyright - Version

-1- Update, year copyright inc/
-2- Update, year copyright inc/
-3- Update, version inc/
  • On the bugtracker :

-1- FS#348 - The editor icons are missing in tinymsg (reported by zet)
-2- FS#347 - Position of the tooltip linked to the class ‘pop’
-3- FS#354 - Report of graphic bug and correction. v4.6.13a
-4- FS#340 - Suggestion box : about the addition of the HR tag
-5- FS#338 - Blocked topics at the top do not stay there
-6- FS#329 - Plugin connexion speed
-7- FS#341 - In French, there are two $web434 and no $web435
-8- FS#337 - At Free, control of last version fails
  • Suggestion box :
-1- Reaction n°217 - admin/inc/ correction of lines 193 à 196
-2- Reaction n°206 - Correction of file inc/ in line 52
-3- Reaction n°202 - Modification of admin/inc/, by adding article title in Admin Articles reactions
  • PgEditor :
- Addition and update of PgEditor 2.5.1 - Correction Opéra bug 


Corrections and modifications were on the tracker.
PgEditor new version and the correction of security flaw are from djchouix.
A correction is also proposed by hpsam but it is reserved for the PHP5 version and remains in stand by for the moment.

Thank you all