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freeGuppY on Amiens at 10 et 11 / 07 /2007 - 06/07/2007 @ 18:48 by HubbY
RMLL 2007 Amiens du 10 au 14 juilletHello,
As every year GuppY will be present in the RMLL. This year it takes place in Amiens.
A presentation(display) of GuppY in small and medium- sized firm and industry. It  will take place on Tuesdays at 4:00 pm to see:

This presentation will be made by me ( RV) and will be available here after the RMLL.

Come numerous to discover the open source software, I would be happy to meet you to discuss. I would be on Amiens 10 and 11. During these 2 days I would follow the other conferences, and even if this year the contents management systems will be only little represented.

Hello to all.
Unless anything unforeseen or last minute happens our dedicated server accommodated by our partner Nuxit in DataCenter Redbus to Courbevoie (92, FR) should migrate this day Thursday, 05/07/2007 in the after noon or the evening or tomorrow on Friday, 06/07/2007, towards Sophia Antipolis's DataCenter (06, FR).
We do apologize for the inconveniences which it can lead and we shall make everything by means of the technicians of Nuxit to limit them to the bare minimum.
During the distribution of the DNS and the break HTTP towards

, as well as towards you can have information on the sites of help on and / or .
Jean for GuppY Team and Asso FreeGuppY

New : the GuppY.Toolbar for IE and Firefox - 16/06/2007 @ 15:04 by HubbY

Venez nombreux découvrir la Freeguppy toolbar, indispensable pour vos navigateurs.

installer :

Je tiens à préciser que les news de l'asso et le lien de celle-ci sont intégrés à la barre en question.
- Moteur de recherche
- liens des sites autour de GuppY
- news rss de freeGuppY
- news rss de l'association
- messagerie tiny pour l'ensemble des utilisateurs de la barre
- Météo
- Antipopup


GuppY au RMLL : - 12/06/2007 @ 16:10 by HubbY

8eme rencontres mondiale du logiciel libre

Les 8èmes Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre (RMLL) se tiendront du 10 au 14 juillet 2007 à Amiens, dans le bâtiment de la Faculté de mathématiques et d’informatique (rue Saint-Leu à Amiens).

Cette manifestation est le rendez-vous mondial des développeurs et des acteurs importants du Logiciel Libre. Plus de cinquante nationalités y sont représentées chaque année. De par les méthodes de travail spécifiques aux logiciels libres, c’est pour les participants une occasion unique pour se rencontrer, présenter leurs travaux, partager leurs connaissances et échanger avec les utilisateurs en dehors de tout cadre commercial.

----------------- ========= + ========= -----------------


Logiciels pour les TPE - Mardi 10/07 - 16:00
Durée : 35 minutes
Intervenants : Herve WIDMER
Lang. :

GuppY est un outil simple d’utilisation, conçu pour créer des portails d’entreprise

- Liberté

  • licence CeCILL

- Personnalisable simplement grâce à des

  • Skins (aspect graphiques)
  • Plugins (ajout de fonctions)
  • Fork (Modification de fonctions)

- Facilité d’installation

  • Ajout de contenu simple
  • Gestion des données facilité par la non utilisation de MySQL

- Atouts

  • Intuitif
  • Complet

- Stabilité et pérennité

  • Première version en 2002
  • importante communauté francophone très active
  • Réactivité aux failles de sécurités

- Qui utilise GuppY ?

  • Des SSII
  • Des associations
  • Des sites d’industriels
  • Des écoles
  • ..

A call for ambassadors: - 10/06/2007 @ 17:03 by HubbY
The asso is a cash provider for the GuppY project
I make a plea to all multilingual users so that they forward the message:
"All the sites that will have the label "GuppY" in their respective countries are likely to benefit -free of charge- from our web  infrastructure. Free domain names. And the availability of funds respective of the subscriptions and donations made to the association, to subsidize their own projects .  "
We are going to nominate ambassadors for every country to collect and forward the users'wishes. To collect and integrate patches and translations...
And this is also true for specialised sites like "GuppYed"

Here is the forum where to post your proposals
Hear from you soon,
PS : This proposal is statutory. It is mentioned in rules of life of the association.

Who are the founder members? - 09/06/2007 @ 13:21 by HubbY
The asso is a users' one, not a developers', although this is not incompatible.

The founder members have indeed sweated on the statutes of the association, not on coding.

Many a GuppY personality did not have spare time to devote to the asso. Thus, they are no founding members. Many didn't wish it.

We had asked, in March-April, on the forum, who would like to help writing the statutes and becoming founder members. Only 22 persons answered this call, 2 withdrew on the way. The founders are those who were involved and voted the statutes.

Téléchargements - 07/06/2007 @ 17:02 by HubbY
416 guestse  at the same time on freeGuppY June 5 at 21h
1955 edownloads of GuppY 4.6
447 downloads of the 4.6 instruction book.e

1000 guests on the assoiation site in 3 days !r

As the result of the working co-operation with Blaine R Southam, the GuppY project has a new offer for you, so called EasyGuppY.

Keeping in mind that we want an easy access to dynamic websites for all, EasyGuppY is a "bundle" which lets you easily run GuppY on your local Windows PC (Win 9x/Me/NT/2K/XP).

EasyGuppY v1.0 installs the following software on your PC:
  • a webserver, WebWeaver version 1.06, développed by Blaine. According to me, this is the most KISS ("Keep It Small and Simple") webserver I have ever seen
  • - the PHP script language in its version 4.3.3
  • and, of course, GuppY in version 2.4p4
I would like to address here a very special thank you to Blaine for letting us benefit from the power and the easiness of use of WebWeaver

the third patch (and I still hope it to be the last one!) for version 2.4 is available for download.
This time, I believe that I finally succeeded to solve the pages compression problems for a faster display in the visitors' browsers...

3 first translations have been upgraded to version 2.4: Italian, Norwegian and Dutch. Thanks to the 3 first translators, being Dark Jackal, Kristian and WackoJacko
To be found in the Downloads area.

A direct consequence of GuppY's success is that security experts come and visit us often since a few days. A first touch with one of them allowed to correct very quickly a security issue. Please upgrade all to version 2.4p2 minimum to be imuned.

gyhelp.gifLet's patch again! - 28/09/2003 @ 17:47 by aldweb
the second patch (and I still hope it to be the last one!) for version 2.4 is available for download.

4 bugs were corrected as well as a security issue found and corrected by Das this very afternoon! Details are to be found here.

For those of you who will start downloading the GuppY distrib from now on, no need to apply this patch, the GuppY distrib file was updated accordingly.