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Appel à cotisation 2012 / 2013 - 02/07/2012 @ 16:50 by Papinou
To all freeGuppy members,

Dear friends,

The 2012/2013 accounting year has began since une the first, so we invite you to renew your membership if you wish to carry on with us to support Guppy one more year round.

Our sole resource comes from subscription from our members and donations by Guppy users.

Many thanks to all for your support and your generosity.

According to the decisions of the General Assembly.

   - 15 euros for personal membershipt.
   - 30 euros for a charity or association membership.
   - 45 euros for a company.

For practical details, please click on this link or that one.

The treasurer

Notre ami Hervé (RV), propriétaire du domaine de GuppYLand, qui n'avait plus le temps de s'occuper de son site pour l'instant, nous a proposé de le transmettre à l'association freeGuppY, ce qui a été fait il y a quelques temps.

Un grand merci à lui. bravo

Dans l'intervalle, nous avons ouvert le sous-domaine à titre temporaire et une équipe a préparé le nouveau GuppYLand qui est en service depuis le 11 juillet 2011.

Les membres et administrateurs de cette équipe sont :
  • Pascal31
  • jerlal
  • Papinou

Qui ont réalisés un superbe travail que vous appréciez à sa juste valeur au vu du nombre d'oeuvres présentées par leurs auteurs et le nombre de visiteurs du site qui sont ensuite dirigés vers les sites des créateurs.

A partir de ce jour le nouveau GuppYLand a donc son propre espace et son nom de domaine. Ses administrateurs auront un outil plus puissant à leur service.
Longue vie à et à GuppY.

news.gif Appel à cotisation pour l'exercicie 2011-2012 - 06/06/2011 @ 18:26 by Papinou

The financial year 2010/2011 was closed on 31 May, and we started the 2011/2012 financial year since 1 June 2011.

For this exercise, all the association's resources come from membership fees and donations from users of GuppY.

The membership renewal period is open.
Thank you for your support and your generosity.

You can join the association freeGuppY by clicking this link.

Best Regards

Yves Le Borgne

Publication of a security patch 4.6.14 - 16/02/2011 @ 10:29 by Papinou

Publication of a security patch 4.6.14 in the following versions :

  • - N.C. (non cumulative to apply on the 4.6.13a version of GuppY)
  • - C. (Cumulative to apply on all versions since the 4.6.0 of GuppY)
  • - A complete pack, 4.6.14 for the creation of new website with GuppY
  • - A MiniGuppY pack, version 4.6.14 to replace the MiniGuppY 4.6.13a (Upcoming)
  • - An EasyGuppY 4.6.14 to replace the EasyGuppY pack 4.6.13a (Upcoming)

This update must be applied immediately for security reasons.

Some plugins may be affected and if so, ask their authors.

Modifications for the versions 4.6.14 :

  • Copyright - Version

-1- Update, year copyright inc/
-2- Update, year copyright inc/
-3- Update, version inc/
  • On the bugtracker :

-1- FS#348 - The editor icons are missing in tinymsg (reported by zet)
-2- FS#347 - Position of the tooltip linked to the class ‘pop’
-3- FS#354 - Report of graphic bug and correction. v4.6.13a
-4- FS#340 - Suggestion box : about the addition of the HR tag
-5- FS#338 - Blocked topics at the top do not stay there
-6- FS#329 - Plugin connexion speed
-7- FS#341 - In French, there are two $web434 and no $web435
-8- FS#337 - At Free, control of last version fails
  • Suggestion box :
-1- Reaction n°217 - admin/inc/ correction of lines 193 à 196
-2- Reaction n°206 - Correction of file inc/ in line 52
-3- Reaction n°202 - Modification of admin/inc/, by adding article title in Admin Articles reactions
  • PgEditor :
- Addition and update of PgEditor 2.5.1 - Correction Opéra bug 


Corrections and modifications were on the tracker.
PgEditor new version and the correction of security flaw are from djchouix.
A correction is also proposed by hpsam but it is reserved for the PHP5 version and remains in stand by for the moment.

Thank you all


news.gifRelease of the 4.6.13 patches - 22/05/2010 @ 09:12 by Papinou
The complete GuppY 4.6.13 package, the 4.6.13 cumulative patch and the 4.6.13 non-cumulative patch 4.6.13 are now available for download.

This version includes enhancements and fixes:

- Initialization of timezone to Europe / Paris' if PHP version> = 5.1
- Added file inc/ (forgotten 4.6.12)
- Fixed display in admin/inc/
- Fixed a typo in admin/inc/ Thank you Laroche.
- Fixed upload files (continued from # 320)
- Display correction in inc/ if no note.

  •  The development team and the Guppy Team want to preserve the PHP 4 compatibility for all versions 4.6.x, although sometimes quite unintentionally, a little inconsistency is overlooked, which is quickly corrected.
  • The GuppY Team recommends the use of PHP 5, preferably to PHP 4, although this is not a requirement for versions 4.6.x.
Caution:  As with any new version, remember to update your plugins, reinstall or do your forks again, revalidate your configuration pages.

Many thanks to all participants in this patch.

The GuppY Team

Release of the 4.6.12 patches - 01/05/2010 @ 07:36 by Papinou
The complete GuppY 4.6.12 package, the 4.6.12 cumulative patch and the 4.6.12 non-cumulative patch are now available for download.

This version includes one new feature, fixes and optimizations.

First the new feature, following several requests:

- Added statistics from the previous month, visible one month after corrections,

- Fixes and optimizations:
  - In admin/inc/, correction of a tag </table sans >.
  - In inc/PGeditor/style/pgeditor.css, replacement of a wrong value "undeline" by the correct "underline".
  - In admin/inc/, correction of the path of the minieditor icons.
  - Author and email fields added in the articles administration page.
  - File admin/adminstrateur.php deleted (only in the full package).
  - When uploading, folder creation is forbidden if the directory name contains the word script.
  - Survey admin page fixed, because it didn't keep the value of the selected skin.
  - Correction in inc/ for W3C validation.

  - As with any new version, remember to update your plugins, reinstall or do your forks again, revalidate your configuration pages.

  Many thanks to JeanMi, Icare, and all participants in this patch.

Download: GuppY 4.6.11 - 15/12/2009 @ 21:20 by Papinou
GuppY users' Santa is a bit early this year,

He comes up (which is unusual - down through the chimney normally biggrin-) with 4.6.11 version of GuppY, 4.6.11 cumulative patch and 4.6.11. non cumulative patch.

This version is the addition of  corrections, improvements and optimisations:

 - correction for misprint of preg_match() in admin/editors/minieditortextarea/popup/image.php by djchouix
 - correction for misprint in inc/
 - securing display of the document in agenda.php by hpsam
 - correction of plugin list in admin/inc/ byJeanMi
 - correction of functions.php: generation of the mailto link by fonction ForceToAbsolute_callback()
 - revision of lang/ of 4.6.10 pack which was faulty in the patches
 - correction of short form of events of the day in inc/calendar.php, Thank you Linuxmr.
 - correction of a mistake in css and section title which was duplicated in blogrss.php
 - optimisation of the fonctions selectDBFieldsBy...
 - deleting the empty link on the banners if there's no URL defined
 - optimisation of boxes display, deletion of hr in the blog, in, and in
 - replacement of $­admin53 by $­admin173 in and modification of forum message
 - correction: taking into account of extensions in capital letters in upload.php
 - correction test in inc/lang/ and
  - optimisation of forum scripts, replacement "width" by "style=width" and optimisation of classes div.code in pgeditor
 - liabilisation of dowload URL with  "browse the serverr" in, thank you Linuxmr
 - addition of "Quit transaction button" in the install, cleanup and delete.phpscripts
 - correction license display in download.php
 - Addition in administrateur.php of a recurring message to urge online install  folder to be deleted.
 - modification of the copyright dates
Most visible modification: the daily  message on the first connection to admin urgo,g you to delete the install folder that must not be kept on your online site.

The icing on the cake: an inspired and brilliant  ideaI of Sir Icare:  now, just add $­serviz[58] = "2cols"; in the of your skin and you get a two columns blog.


 - As for all new versions, don't forget to updates your plugins, to install or do again your forks, and to validate your configuration pages.

 - As far as this 4.6.11 version is concerned, you must check and update your downloads if you didn't make any modification since the start of 4.6 version.
  We gratefully thank Icare, JeanMi, Djchouix, hpsam,  linuxmr, and all those who got involved in the making of this patch.

27me Concours Skins Spéciales - 06/11/2009 @ 09:43 by Papinou
2ème Concours Skins Spéciales

L'association freeGuppY organise deux concours de skins spéciales réservés à ses membres:

- 1 - Concours skins Noël
- 2 - Concours skins Jour de l'an

Vous pouvez vous inscrire sur ce fil du forum réservé aux concours à partir du vendredi 06 novembre 2009.

Les zips des skins sont à adresser à president[@] pour le jeudi 03 décembre 2009 à minuit, dernier délai.

Passé ce délai aucune skin ne sera acceptée et le zip sera retourné à son expéditeur.

Règlement des concours:

- être adhérent de l'asso freeGuppY
- thème skin Noël
- thème skin Jour de l'An

-construction skin originale et libre, valide W3C, sans aucun fork de fichier de GuppY, affichage totalement compatible avec les principaux navigateurs: Firefox, Internet Explorer y compris IE8, Opéra, Safaripour GuppY 4.6.xx

- en cas d'utilisation d'une skin existante, les entêtes des fichiers devront obligatoirement être conservés, adaptation de .... est autorisé.

- les skins inscrites pour les concours ne pourront être en téléchargement sur le site de leur auteur avant lapublication des résultats le dimanche 13 décembre 2009.

- les skins classées 1 et 2 de chaque concours seront réservées à l'usage exclusif de l'asso du 04 décembre 2009 au 15 janvier 2010 et ne pourront être en téléchargement avant le 16janvier 2010.

- par leur inscription les participants acceptent de fait l'application de ce règlement.

Prix des concours:

Concours skins Noël:

- 1er prix  : Affichage de la skin sur le site du 15 décembre 2009 au 30 décembre 2009
- 2ème prix : Affichage de la skin sur le site du 15 décembre 2009 au 30 décembre 2009

Concours skins Jour de l'an:

- 1er prix  : Affichage de la skin sur le site du 31décembre 2009 au 14 janvier 2010
- 2ème prix : Affichage de la skin sur le site du 31décembre 2009 au 14 janvier 2010

Désignation des vainqueurs:

Les deux meilleures skins de chaque concours seront désignées par un vote des adhérents de l'asso.freeGuppY à jour de leur cotisation.

Ce vote sera organisé du samedi 05 décembre au  samedi 12 décembre 2009 à minuit.
Les skins seront visibles sur un site spécial Test Skins dont l'url vous sera communiqué avec les modalités de vote le 04 décembre 2009.

Chaque adhérent pourra exprimer son choix en remplissant un formulaire de vote en ligne.

Publication des résultats le dimanche 13 décembre 2009 sur le site

Pour le CA de l'asso freeGuppY
Yves Le Borgne

The GuppY 4.6.10 patch - 08/09/2009 @ 23:23 by Papinou
The GuppY 4.6.10 patch

This patch encloses a lot of features, corrections and improvements.
Let's begin withe the more obvious:

 - correction of the relative addresses of the images (img/, Inc/img/and photograph) in permanent addresses in the newsletter and flows RSS
 - correction of the relative addresses of the links in permanent addresses in the newsletter, flows RSS and supervision emails
 - correction of the anchors in the newsletter, which remains relative
 - correction of the function pubDate
 - correction of the UpdateDBBlog function
 - correction of management in zone members in postguest.php
 - correction of error.php following the patch 4.6.9
 - addition of the file install/migrate24.php
 - correction of the bonds during the change of language
 - addition of a function iconv when PHP < 5, thank you linuxmr
 - correction about the tests in the course of a repertory with the function to is_dir
 - correction of the taking into account of the language in FCKeditor
 - NEW: the Banners function becomes bilingual
 - correction of the management of the rights on the plugins for the writers
 - correction for the use of the quotes in the categories
 - replacement of the functions of family EREG depreciated starting from PHP 5.3
 - suppression of the popup vacuum in the blog, when the option "To mask the address enamel" is activated
 - correction of many files for a better conformity with the recommendations of the W3C
 - addition of freebox in the home page
 - updated FCKeditor to release  2.6.4
 - addition of images for the extension of files : pdf, doc, xls, ppt and OpenOffice
 - improvement of the tests on the URLS in General Config
 - improvement of the diary page in the event of erroneous parameters
 - impression of the central part of the pages with a dedicated stylesheet
 - improvement of duplication with creation of the new element after validation and not before
 - improvement of the test on REFERER it postguest.php
 - improvement of duplication of the events of the diary
 - correction of management member of the blog in banner page
 - correction field not empty of FCKeditor
 - correction code of all blog boxes
 - correction css of head topic in thread.php, thanks Kamila
 - removal of first (or theard) column empty while displaying with two columns only

Hello everybody,

In order to detect last possible bugs in version 4.6.10 beta 2 - at the moment -, we we are seeking your help to test this latest version we are finalizing.

If you feel concerned, would you please go to our friend Jean-Mi's website who is working on this version.

You will find there:
  • version 4.6.10 beta 2ersion 4.6.10 beta 2 to download
  • A dedicated forum for letting us know your remarks and bug discoveries.
Mind that this version must nos be used on running websites insofar as it is not yet finalised.