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January 21, 2016

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Welcome to asso freeGuppY

Welcome to  asso.freeGuppY

The associations of GuppY users

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Since 2007, the association FreeGuppY has been standing up for the software GuppY and promoting it .

The association is registered with the prefecture of Ussel; it is being run by GuppYusers, who want to ensure the future of this Content Management System.

This is a non-profit association (by the famous 1901 French law). It is therefore entitled to receive and manage funds, in the interests of members and donors.

The association does not support development in the technical sense of the GuppY software, but it deals with the public image, and the communications about this web solution, and all side issues.

Before the association was created, these matters used to be managed by the GuppYTeam. Our organization will help increase the visibility and recognition of GuppY by relieving the GuppYTeam of these tasks.

To summarize this, if GuppY was a company, the association would stand for the showcase, assistance and advice team, while the GuppYTeam would care for research and development.

The challenges are many, and there's a lot of work to do, but if you do appreciate GuppY, and if you want to come up with your knowledge or just with a few euros, you are welcome.

Do not hesitate, Join us and participate in this great adventure.

The president of freeGuppY


Find GuppY 10 years on this link

The latest piece of news

Unworthy partnership ... - by asso_freeGuppY 07/12/2015 @ 09:04

Communique CA of the association freeGuppY

The Board of freeGuppY association shares the position of the signatories of the communiqué of December 3, 2015.


To read the press:

The Board of the freeGuppY association offers all GuppY users to support actions including the campaign of April.

To support the campaign:

The freeGuppY association is a member of April.

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